Superhero or full time developer

As I said in my last post here, a lot of things have changed since our little feline boss came hand in hand with this blog. When someone is out of touch with the videogame world, is so difficult to tell how much work is needed to build any kind of videogame from scratch, but those who tried at least once knows that even the most simple game can be a challenge for a sole developer. Unfortunately we belong to a group of crazy people who prefers to put their souls and their minds in impossible projects without expecting anything in return.

But at the end of the day we need to go out of our wonderful word of art, code and melodies to pay some bills or to attend our duties. In this scenario, it’s hard to keep your hobbies, even more if it’s as time consuming as videogame development, but is it viable to do it as a full time job?


A normal life by day and a secret one by night!

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Tutorial: getting started with PxTone

Here at StrandedSoft we have been talking a lot about art, programming, graphics, rendering techniques and the like for the last few months. That’s great, but there is a very important aspect of gamedev that we have been neglecting a bit as well: music and sound.

Today, we are going to put and end to that. And we are going to do so by taking a quick-start tour on one of the great -yet, considerably obscure- music creation tools that we game developers have at our disposal. And yes, it is absolutely free.

Let’s get to it!




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First steps in 3D with voxels - Magica Voxel

Ok, ok! It’s been some time since our last post, a lot of time to be honest. Boss was on vacation for the whole summer, so we could relax a bit and focus on ending other stuff.

Never mind, we are back with new things! This time we are going to start with an easy 3D topic. In this post we are introducing the voxel, pixel’s fat brother, thanks to a free but awesome tool called MagicaVoxel.

Voxel cab is ready for a trip

Voxel cab is ready for a trip

Carefull handy users! reading this post will download some heavy gifs!

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Animated 2D pixelart using hexels

Hello everyone! As I promised a couple of weeks ago, it’s time go back to Hexels one last time. Today I’m going to showcase a new feature which is only available for the beta version of Hexels while I’m writing this: 2D animation.

Bad guys on cars with guns! Thug Llife

Bad guys on cars with guns! Thug Llife

First of all, animation in Hexels is still in beta and there are some bugs, so take care and save the project regularly.

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Ludum Dare 32 - Post Mortem

Once again, I took part on Ludum Dare more than 2 weeks ago now.

The game I made is called CurseMan, and you can play it right here.

It involves a man whose only means of defense consist of expelling gianormous inults and curses in the form of comic-style speech bubbles.

Curses that can kill and destroy enemies!


Captura de pantalla 2023-04-20 a la(s) 00.07.50



This LD32 was a bit weird for me, but as always, it was really motivating and fullfilling. Let’s recap in detail how it went, shall we? 🙂

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